The irresistible allure of the beautiful city of FezTour to Health  Tour to Health

The irresistible allure of the beautiful city of FezTour to Health Tour to Health

The irresistible allure of the beautiful city of Fez

Fez is the oldest and most important of the imperial cities of Morocco, was the capital of Morocco for more than four centuries. It remains today the cultural and religious center of the country. Fez is divided into three sections of which the Medina, the medieval city is the most important.

Founded in the eighth century by Moulay Idriss, the medieval city, Medina, is the heart of the labyrinth and the center of Fez. Jedid the Fez, the “new” city, was founded in the 13th century and houses the Mellah, the old Jewish quarter. The Ville Nouvelle was built by the French in the early 29th century and has no historic interest.

Suspended between the Middle Ages and modern times, mystical Fez is intriguing. Medieval design is visual proof of their history and culture, with its ancient buildings, maintaining the feel and appearance of hundreds of years ago, in an architectural style far.

Fez houses many lovely buildings, enclosed courtyards and gateways intricate design. Karaouine Mosque, the largest mosque in Morocco and a learning center for over 1000 years, are here. Although non-Muslims can not gain entry, they can take a look at the mosque through the open doors. To seek, obtain an idea of ​​the magnitude and power of this center. In the same area, visit other schools a hundred years old, with detailed arches that lead to beautiful patios. Belghazi Museum, housed in a 17th century riad, a house built around an interior garden enclosed, well worth a visit, like Bou Inania, a former decorated courtyard.

The main attraction is the Fez Medina, which has preserved its medieval soul and spirit, with its winding streets and alleys too narrow for modern transportation. In this case, donkeys, horses and mules of rules, the delivery of supplies to local shops and souks, while crowds of people’s feet in the alleys and tunnel ways. The medina is a labyrinth, with the souks full of crafts using the methods of the medieval past, the most famous is the souk of paints, which died of fabric and thread on ancient deposits of colored dyes. Visit quarter tanner can watch the skilled craftsmen who ply their trade. Next to the essentials every day, every quarter has its own restrooms, baker shoe, and each craft and trade is necessary for daily living.

Wandering aimlessly in the maze of alleys and lanes, you’re bound to run into a palace, fountains and monuments carved intricately designed with quotations from the Koran, decorated with marble tiles and beautiful luxury riad or Century 19! Getting lost here is part of the fun and adventure.

The charm of FeZ, is in a different time highlighting places that recall the distant past either by the palaces, the balconies, patios and walls of the walls that were used for defense, along with the rhythm of daily life and the multitude of people, make Fez a human hive with the feeling and look of centuries past.

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