What is a good basic vegetarian nutrition/diet book?

What is a good basic vegetarian nutrition/diet book?

What is a good basic vegetarian nutrition/diet book?

I am vegetarian and have been for just about two years, so I do not need stuff about “how to be vegetarian” or… “why you should be vegetarian.”

I am looking more for information about what kinds of foods a person should be eating, but tailored to a vegetarian. Like grams of protein, where to get that protein, and same for carbohydrates, the different kinds of carbs, etc. etc. Just a basic informational book about nutrition and what kinds of foods to eat but one that keeps in consideration that I don’t eat fish, or chicken broth, or pork chops, haha.

I would prefer if the book was really recent (last 5 or so years) and available for purchase online.

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Skinny B1 tch (all except spelled normal) by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin

it talks a lot about animal culety but it has many chapters on what you should and shouldnt eat and how much of it

There are none, since the natural human diet is not a vegetarian one. Humans are supposed to eat meat.

Brendan Brazier is a Ironman competitor, and he’s written 2 books about vegan nutrition. Even though some of his writing refers to people who are very active, a lot of it is just basic diet and nutritional needs of vegans. There are tons of recipes, and even a 90 day meal planner! Check it out.

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